Trackyo provides vehicle monitoring and driver assistance systems for gated societies (e.g. residential blocks, schools, universities, hospitals, business centres, corporate structures etc.). We aim to solve all the issues viz., accidents due to over speeding, reckless driving, unavailability of prompt facilitation of emergency services etc. with our one point framework.

Gone are the days when you needed speed breakers, counselling, manual monitoring, etc. for avoiding accidents, addressing over speeding, reckless driving, parking, etc. issues at your society. Trackyo brings you a one point technology driven reliable solution that helps in monitoring the vehicles and drivers at your society. Our pilot study has proven our solution to be 63% more effective and from a survey analysis that we conducted at various gated communities it was observed that 65% of the respondents feel that Trackyo's solutions are more effective and reliable than the currently available alternate solutions.

Our solutions come with various features selected and implemented based on the area type and the generic requirements of almost all of the possible users. However we offer customised solutions as well. So you get to choose what all features you need as per your area type and the direct users at your enterprise.

Implementing Trackyo's solutions at your enterprise with more effectiveness would require a compulsory implementation of the device strictly to all the vehicles moving in. So this is also developing a culture in the driving patterns of both the regular and irregular visitors at your enterprise. Moreover, over a period of time you will get a detailed report, which will highlight the particular points or areas where most of the violations have taken place, most number of violations observed with a particular driver and etc. for further monitoring and action purposes.